Shows for Children, Young People and Families

Min Y Mas shows are fun-filled concerts for young people and families. Featuring live music on acoustic instruments and lively, easy to learn songs, the performance has immediate appeal to audiences of all ages, who find themselves joining in effortlessly, singing along in English, Spanish and French, and moving to the band’s infectious grooves.

Created and presented by Rikki Thomas-Martinez, the shows have elements of Latin, Flamenco, Reggae and other exotic musical flavours. Presented in a way that both young children and adults will find hard to resist, Min Y Mas performances are packed with imagination, things to learn and do, and lots and lots of fun.

Min Y Mas – ‘Beans, Beats and Beasts’
Performance for Young Children and Families (0 – 6yrs)

Min Y Mas – ‘Let’s Sail’
Performance for Children (5 – 11yrs)

Min Y Mas – ‘Goin’ On A Train’
Performance for Young People (10yrs upwards)

These productions can be performed as:

Rikki Thomas-Martinez solo show with voice, harmonicas, guitar and percussion stomp-box.


Min Y Mas with Rikki and his band, including Ubass, accordion and drums.